Volcano Boarding with Nicatime

Volcano Boarding is an activity unique to Nicaragua. Multiple companies around León offer the activity for between $21-30 USD and include transfers, snacks, water and equipment. Most people tend to choose companies such as Bigfoot and Volcano day, both around $30 USD and offering extras like free T-shirts. Nicatime sits on the cheaper end of the scale at $21 plus $5 entry. $4 cheaper than the other companies but without a free t-shirt. Booking is possible from most hostels and hotels.

Pick up from hostels is usually at either 8am or 2pm. Some people prefer the morning hike to avoid the heat of the afternoon. After arriving at Cerro Negro the ascent up the mountain takes around 45mins to an hour with a few break and photo opportunities. The hardest part of the walk is the heavy board and slippery surface but the climb easily achievable with lots of water and short breaks. For an additional fee of $5 a Nicatime staff member will carry your board. The guides are patient and give people plenty of time to make the climb. 
After taking in a view from the top of the volcano (and more photo ops) the guides explain the best and safest way to ride the board. After the 45minute climb the ride down seems to last only a moment. Nicatime staff wait at the halfway point to film you as you slide past. Past videos are available on their facebook group: NICA TIME VOLCANO BOARDING

Tips for Volcano Boarding:

  • Bring a towel/scarf to cover your mouth and nose from small rocks and sand. 
  • Hats help keep the dirt out of your hair but can fly off if not on tightly.
  • Pull the board handle back to avoid the front being buried in sand.
  • Putting your feet on the board will result in more speed very quickly.
  • Slow down by putting your feet in the sand on both sides of the board.
  • Lean back and pull up the front of the board to gain speed.
View on a cloudy day from the half-way point.