• Cebu to Bohol Day Trip

    Bohol offers a multitude of activities from snorkelling pristine reefs, dolphin watching, tarsier viewing, adventure sports, and island hopping. While visitors could easily spend a week on Bohol, with the island a mere two hour ferry ride from neighbouring Cebu it is possible to enjoy some of what Bohol has to offer in a single […]

  • Day Trips from Seoul: Yongin Folk Village and Suwon Fortress

    While working in South Korea I try to travel every chance I get. Travelling across the peninsula every weekend with foreign group travel, KTX, or express buses can get expensive so lately I’ve opted to take smaller day trips around Seoul. Recently I travelled to Yongin Folk Village and Suwon Fortress. My other favourite day trips from Seoul […]

  • Yeongju: Korea’s Academic Capital

    Korea has one of the toughest result driven education systems in the world. Recently for the Seollal extended weekend I travelled to Yeongju, a small city with firm roots in Korea’s academic history.  Lying below Sobaek mountain in the northernmost part of Gyeongsangbuk-do, Yeongju is small town with a rich history. It is significant in Korea’s history as the birthplace of its intellectual culture- […]

  • Gyeongju hanok Stay

    Known as Korea’s historical capital and often referred to as the ‘museum without walls’, Gyeongju is frequented by locals and international tourist alike. A more immersive way to experience traditional korean culture and lifestyle while visiting Gyeongju is with a hanok stay. A hanok is a traditional korean house constructed with natural materials. These houses are […]

  • Cheongdo Wine Tunnel

    Cheongdo, in Gyeongsanbukdo is well known for its bull fighting, dalmaji burning and annual tug of war. It is a renowned garden city popular for its fresh farm produce such as peaches and persimmons. It is for the latter that most visitors venture from all over the peninsula to sample some of Cheongdo’s famous persimmons… in […]

  • CEBU
  • Swimming with Whale Sharks in Cebu

    Swimming alongside whale sharks is a unique wild life experience available while visiting Cebu. There are several places in the Philippines to swim with whale sharks but this particle article focuses on Oslob in Cebu. Recently the whale shark diving has been gaining notoriety due to it’s allegedly unethical treatment of the animals. The experience at Oslob […]

  • Top Reasons to Teach English in South Korea

    If you’re looking for an opportunity to travel, an opportunity to save money, a recent uni graduate between jobs, or just someone looking for a break from the nine to five grind, put aside your cynicism and consider a position in one of Asia’s largest English teaching markets – South Korea.   Teaching in South […]

  • Magoksa Temple Stay

    Korea is an exciting and dynamic place to live, but the 빨리 빨리 (quickly, quickly) culture in big city Seoul can become exhausting. Like the yin-yang Korean Seon (Zen) Buddhism is on the opposing side of this fast paced lifestyle and emphasises calmness and clarity.   The ‘relaxation’ temple stay at Magoksa encourages participants to […]